About Us
The company's core operations consist primarily of liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon and liquid carbon dioxide supply to very customer by using portable liquid container (PLC). This can ensure the customer can get high quality of the gas supply.

Since year 2010, we have up graded from gas refilling to gas producer, we have joint venture with a local gas manufacturer (Southern Industrial Gases Bhd) In the years to come, with our management and infrastructure base, we are confident to establish ourselves as one of the best gas system provider in Malaysia.
The customer profile on the Industrial Gases
Celerity Fluid Systems Malaysia Sdn Bhd - Argon liquid PLC
Titan Model Sdn Bhd - Nitrogen liquid PLC
Oil Fab Bhd (oil&gas) - Industrial Gases
M10 Fabrication Sdn Bhd - Industrial Gases
Miven Far East Sdn Bhd - Industrial Gases
WeldFab Sdn Bhd (oil&gas) - Industrial Gases
Kejuruteraan Megagas Sdn Bhd (oil&gas) - Industrial Gases
NSK Steel Mill Sdn Bhd (steel manufacture) - Bulk Gases
Smith International Gulf Services (M) Sdn Bhd - Nitrogen Gas
Emerson Process Manufacturing Sdn Bhd - Nitrogen Gas, Argon Gas
MIR Valve Sdn Bhd - Nitrogen Gas, Argon Gas
VBC Manufacturing Malaysia Sdn Bhd - Liquid Nitrogen, Hydrogen
Bukit Freser Thermal Technology Sdn Bhd - Industrial Gases
Ichor Systems Malaysia Sdn Bhd - Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Argon, Mix Gases
Worthy Builders Sdn Bhd - Industrial Gases
Asia CryoTanks Services Sdn Bhd - Special Gases

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